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Over 140 years ago The Livery Stables was where horses were boarded and groomed.  The area to the left of the double doors held supplies, and later a post office. The right side is where the owners, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Chambliss, resided.  The building hosts a hand dug cellar which has brick walls.  Under the residence side we also found a cistern pump.  While bringing the building up to modern day codes and ordinances we strove to maintain as much originality as possible. 


We have remodeled this building and the 4000 square feet is our new events hall.  The building has an open hole going to what is now the second floor and was then the attic.  This open hole use to contain a weighted elevator. The old stories say that Mr.  Henry used to store his Model T in the attic by lifting it with the weighted elevator.  The hole has been covered for safety reasons but if you look you can see evidence of this bit of history.


The building was the largest in the area so it had the responsibility of housing the first fire engine for the community.   One of stories say that one day a fire broke out and when the volunteers came to get the engine, Mr. Henry, who was the postmaster was out delivering the mail and the doors were locked! 


Many of the locals come by and share there stories and memories of how Pleasant View and Main Street used to be.  Please feel free to stop by and share some of your memories with us.  Make some new memories browsing with your friends, talking with your neighbors, or sittin' on the front porch enjoying the country life.



1104 Main Street

Pleasant View, TN  37146



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